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Limit less A mission to the Moon We’re working together with Audi and PT Scientists, a Berlin-based startup, on the first private moon landing. ALINA, or Autonomous Landing and Navigation Module built by PT Scientist, will be carried to the moon on board the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket. Two connected Audi lunar qattro rovers will be dispatched to investigate the surface of the moon. Once there, they’ll take the first ever hi-res photos of the site where Neil Armstrong took a small step for a man and a giant leap for mankind.
Kick start M-PESA We helped the economy of Kenya grow by building the world’s leading mobile money service. With little access to financial services, many people in Kenya would travel for days to get home or send money home through a bus driver. The traditional banking infrastructure was also lacking. So we took a chance and re-engineered the loans systems to focus on transmitting money from one phone to another. Over 25 million people across Kenya are now sending money across the country in seconds wth just one SMS.
Fear less 5G Mobility Lab Our 5G Mobility Lab in Germany will be one of the first in Europe to test usage of 5G. We’re developing a new technology that will be part of our future Intelligent Transport System. This connects vehicles, roadside infrastructure and pedestrians. But it’s not just about safety. We’re working together with the automotive industry to create 5G cars and transform the way we use vehicles in our day-to-day life.
I'm possible Internet of Things We are the first global Internet of Things (IoT) mobile provider to exceed 50 million connections. The Internet of Things is already transforming businesses around the world and impacting millions of lives, especially in the healthcare and automotive industry. From teaming up with Philips Lighting to implement smart street lighting, to building technology with BMW for its connected cars, we are one step ahead of everyone else. Paving the way for a fully connected future.
Grads and interns.
Human Resources
Digital Enterprise
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Work in: Commercial Management, Business Development, Enterprise, Customer Experience.

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